Monetisation literally means ‘to earn money’. YouTube monetisation is the process of earning money from your uploaded YouTube videos by enabling ads on them.

In order to be eligible for monetisation of your channel, you must prove that your position and authority in YouTube is significant. By achieving the monetization program ( Youtube Partner Program) milestones. these are:

  1. 1000 subscribers
  2. 4000 hours of watchtime

The main message to be taken from YouTube’s monetization review process is that in order for your channel to enjoy the benefits of monetization (which is a privilege not a right), you need to:


YouTube charges their clients about USD 2 per thousand ad views. These are only for ads that are viewed not skipped or closed.

Inturn YouTube partners with content creators to publish these ads on their videos and shares revenue with them. Approx 60% minus taxes.

This is what monetization is all about.

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