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Laptop Sales Management System by Using Chabot

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Project Domain / Category

Project Domain / Category
E-Commerce Web Application by using Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Natural Language Processing technique.

Chatbots have the potential to save any individual’s time, hassle, and tedium by automating different tasks. The idea about chatbot application is that it will help the user to interact with the customer through B2C E-commerce application. To create a chatbot, there is currently an incredible amount of platforms and tools, with different complexity levels, expressive powers and integration capabilities. Chabot uses Natural language processing combined with Artificial Intelligences in E-commerce environment. For this conversational Chabot can be used in E-Commerce environment. Chabot are a form of artificial intelligence associated with natural language processing that interacts with users in a human-like manner. Secondly in E-Commerce environment there is lot of competition of different competitors. Chabot can judge the customer inclination through natural language processing by engaging customer interest in different laptop specifications. Chabot are capable of asking a vast number of questions to learn about the specification of the required laptop and finally recommend the laptop as per customer demand.
Today, chatbot are bridging the gap between customer and latest E-commerce technologies. Chabot creates an interactive experience by facilitating the online selling and buying of goods, similar to a B2C business to customer in E-commerce application. The machine-learning Chabot are still in early days; in many cases, it is obvious that the customer is interacting with a Chabot.

Functional Requirements:
Now-a-days E-commerce business is growing very rapidly. E-commerce or internet commerce refers to the buying and selling of goods or services using the internet, and the transfer of money and data to execute these transactions. Our proposed Laptop Sales Management System by using Chabot used in B2C E-commerce domain. It facilitates the environment for every customer based on specific laptop requirements. Our Chabot offers support by providing list of laptops and adaptive guidance to specific customers.
The goal of proposed system is to perform following activities.
Customer used the CustomerID and password to access the Laptop Sales Management System. Pop up window should be displayed at the bottom right of our Laptop Sales Management System by prompting the customer for any kind of guidance.
The first priority of chatbot is to satisfy the customers that reach out the website. Customers reaching your page, app or website have to select the specific laptop to be

selected. Selection of laptop enables you to offer customers a personalized offering of list of laptops based on customer required laptop specification.
Search results, personalized merchandising of laptops, recommendations can help your customer find specific laptop specifications. When your customer online activity indicates willingness to buy laptop however, customer is not buying, it may be a good time to probe what customer is exactly looking for. A conversational interface allows you to ask probing questions and understand your customers’ intent better.
Search result should be displayed the list of laptops with respect to processor generation, RAM capacity and hard disk sizes.
Your customer may be looking for a better price and believes qualifies for a discount. Understanding if customer falls into one of your segments qualifying for a discount and offering that discount immediately can reduce friction in buying laptops.
Chatbot judge the customer behavior and suggest the specific latpot according to his budget.
Conversation Flow — When a human talks to a human, he or she rarely plans the entire dialog in advance. When a human talks to a bot, this conversation has to be guided. The thing is, conversation flow is a dialog tree. It visualizes expected user-bot interactions and makes sure every user request is covered by some part of the bot’s logics. To make conversation flow smooth and efficient, it’s important to apply the best practices and build chatbot. For this Machine learning algorithms are used by taking into account business objectives and customer’ expectations.
Chatbot should already be “taught” common questions so that it will be able to answer customer questions and respond immediately to customer’ queries.
Once the customer has selected the required laptop, chatbot should properly guide the customer of payment method.
Chabot should also guide the customer about the product guarantee in case of malfunctions for specific time period.
For successful human-like interaction, chatbots need a perfect tone and dialect. To achieve coherence, a character is used to effectively communicate in audio synced with the text.
Chatbot used a list of Frequently Asked Questions to generate a chatbot’s list of pre- programmed queries and responses.

Tools: JSP, SQL server 2012, Dialogflow, IBM Watson, Microsoft Bot Framework,,, Chatfuel.


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