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Image Based Password to Avoid Shoulder Surfing

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Project Domain: Web or Mobile application Abstract Textual password schemes are easy to detect and vulnerable through different ways. There are many textual image based schemes which have been proposed but none of existing scheme is efficient and secure. To overcome this issue, a simple image based textual password scheme should be developed using colors. The proposed image based scheme involves three phases, the registration phase, verification and the login phase, which can be described as in the following: Registration Phase: User need to set textual password with maximum 8 alphabet characters plus digits and one color from 8 colors. Other 7 colors will be decoy colors. Initially, first 8 characters (case sensitive) and 8 digits can be used as passwords. Registration process should be completed in a shoulder surfing free environment. User must enter valid email address to re-enable the password. User password should be store in password table in an encrypted form. Login Phase: User request to login the application, and the application display a circle composed of 8 equally sized sectors. The arcs of 8 sectors should present with different colors and each sector is identified by its arcs color. Password-color can be moved through anti-clock wise and clock wise buttons and each sector divided in outer orbit and inner orbit. User enter password using outer and inner orbit buttons. Functional Requirements Registration Form: Name, Email, Username, Password, color selection, Contact, Address, Reset and Submit button ➢ Username must be unique and case sensitive ➢ Password contain at least single numeric digit
Verification Form: contain email text field and confirm button. User must verify password after registration. Else student should not allow to login. Login form: Username, password, color selection and required buttons ➢ A circle divided into 8 equal sectors, sector’s arc should contain unique color. ➢ Sector’s arc color can be changed clock and anti-clock wise through arrows button. ➢ Circle’s sector contains 8 alphabet characters and 8 numeric digits randomly placed inner and outer orbit of circle. ➢ User will be able to enter password in password filed using inner and outer orbit buttons.


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