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Project Domain / Category Network Based Project

Abstract / Introduction The rapid progress of Internet in the digital world today, the security of digital images has become more and more important. The prevalence of multimedia technology in our society has promoted digital images to play a more significant role, which demands a serious protection of users‟ privacy”. To fulfill such security and privacy needs in various applications, encryption of images is very important to minimize malicious attacks from unauthorized parties. This project is intended to the people who need privacy for their confidential images. It was most suitable in the networking Systems. Although there are many image encryption techniques none of them are suitable for the networking systems. So the main scope of this project was to provide security for the images in the networking systems. This project provides safe ways of means to transfer images between the networking systems confidentially.

Existing System There are traditional image encryption techniques like DES, Triple-DES and IDEA. These image encryption techniques have some Limitations such as: o Requires large data size o long computational time o High computing power o Not suitable for practical image encryption and for online communications Proposed System The proposed system aims to explore the possibility of using chaotic or chaos-based encryption techniques to protect remote sensing satellite images and provides high level of security in efficient and reliable way. Chaos based cryptographic scheme provides o High security level. o Less computational time and power in reliable and efficient way to deal with balky, difficult and intractable data. o More suitable for multimedia data, especially for images.
NUMBER OF MODULES In Chaotic Image Encryption Techniques, there are mainly three modules: 1) Administrative 2) User 3) Encryption Module 4) Decryption Module 5) File Transfer Module

Administrative Module o Maintains the user accountability
o Controls the user activities User Module The people who use this system for providing security for confidential images are users. There may be different set of users for this system. o The users just load an image to encrypt. o Enter the destination systems IP address to transfer the image. o User can view the status of the network for the sent image. Encryption Module o Selects the image o Providing key for Encryption
Decryption Module o Enter the key for Decryption
File Transfer Module o Provide the view of the entering IP address for file transfer module
Functional Requirements 1. User login 2. Select image for encryption 3. Encoding image 4. Generation of encryption technique window with output path location and encryption password 5. Status of the Encryption Mechanism 6. Entering IP address of receiver 7. Conforming the host system 8. Status of the sending image in network 9. File Status at receiver side 10. Decrypting the Image 11. View of the original image
Tools: SOFTWARE REQUIREMENTS: Operating System : Windows IDE : My Eclipse Frontend : J2EE, Coding Language : Java Backend : My SQL, Other Technology : Tomcat Server


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