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Automated Activity Planner (AAP)

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Project Domain / Category Mobile application


Today’s life is full of activities and sometime activities occur in parallel if not managed in advance. Moreover, some activities are more important than others and need attention at priority which means that when such important activity occurs then all the scheduled activities needs to be rescheduled as per their priority level. As smart devices are common in daily life as one has the access of internet everywhere, an automated activity planer will be more helpful for personal assistance. The main feature of this application shall be to suggest a plan/schedule of activities based on the importance of activity. Application shall also facilitate the user to adjust priorities of different tasks. Users will be informed about the activities with appropriate method set by the user.

Functional Requirements:

Automated Activity Planner (AAP) is a smart phone application with following features.

It will implement a complete calendar. Users will be able to schedule their daily activities. Activities should be scheduled up to minutes (e.g. if a person should be able to schedule meeting with exact time (hours, minutes). User will also be able to set or edit the priority threshold level of an activity. (Whether the activity can be delayed or not and if delayed then maximum for what time period. Application will be capable of remembering the users’ actions which will be used to suggest the user a plan about the same activity or of same nature in future. User should be able to define the activity as time bound activity i.e. an activity needs to be performed not later than a certain time period. In other words, activity can be delayed to its maximum time bound. Once an activity time arrives, application should prompt the user either by giving a notification or by ringing the alarm. Once an activity alarm is raised, person should check it to ensure that he/she has got the notification, however, in case if an activity remains unchecked, there should be snooze option and alarm should be raised again after a specified time interval (e.g. after every three minutes). A person should be able to edit/delete or check history of activities. Application should also be able to plan daily routine activities (for all such activities, alarm will be raised on daily basis or on specified days) There should also be an option to send an email to a specified address (however, this will require internet connection).
Activity alarm should raise at least five minutes (or specified period of time) before the activity actually starts.

Non-Functional Requirements:

Application should be secure, reliable and performance wise efficient.

Tools: Android studio (for android based application) OR Visual (for Windows based application)


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