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University Transport Management System

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Project Domain / Category
• Web Application • Database

In this project, we are going to develop a transport management system (TMS) for university
transportation department to manage the everyday transport operations in an efficient way.
The university transportation department has many buses which run of different routes within
and outside the city to carry students and staff between their homes and the university during
different times of the day. TMS provides hassle free transport facilities to the students and
employee by allowing them to get themselves registered with the TMS, searching for the bus
running of their desired route and selecting the bus to travel. TMS is helpful for university
transport department who want to assign different routes. TMS is a web based application
which focused in the area of adding, editing and deleting the passengers, staff and the Bus

Main Users: Administrator, Student, University Employee, Driver

Functional Requirements:
1. The system will be managed by an administrator who will be responsible for all the operations of the system. 2. An administrator can add/remove/update any information stored in the backend database maintained by the system. 3. There are two categories of the users of this system; Guest, Registered User 4. An unregistered user will be only allowed to search for the different routes which are being covered by the university buses.
5. The system will allow the users to get themselves registered into the system using the authentic information which will be first verified by the system before confirmation his/her registration. 6. The authentication will be done on the basis of some pre-defined information such as student university id, employee id etc. This is to ensure that any outsider is not allowed to be registered. 7. Either a student or university staff can get themselves registered with the system. 8. Once the user submits his registration form, his registration process is in pending status until the administrator approves his/her registration. 9. The system will allow all the registered users to login to the system. 10. The registered user (student/staff) can not only view/search the information about different routes being covered by university buses but also he/she will be allowed to book their seat. The booking will be done on per month or per semester basis. 11. Each user will be charged some amount depending on its route and time duration. 12. Based on their bookings, a fee voucher will be generated by the system which will be submitted by the user to confirm the booking. 13. The administrator will be able to add/delete/update a new bus details to the database. 14. The administrator will be able to add/delete/update a new route details to the database. The details will mainly include the final destination as well as different areas being covered during the route being shown in form of a map. 15. The administrator will be able to assign any bus on any registered route along with the time during the day. There can be more than one buses running on the same route or there may be more than one routes being covered by a bus in different times of the day. 16. The system will allow the administrator to add/update/delete driver’s information. The administrator can assign a bus to a driver. 17. The administrator can update the information about any registered user.

Visual Studio (latest version) with .net Framework + SQL Server (latest version)

Development Language:
C sharp (C#)


ASP.Net, C++


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