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Project Domain / Category

Project Domain / Category
Web Based

In many large organizations, procurement is considered a very hectic, challenging and time consuming process due to higher procurement costs, labor costs and mostly importantly due to the element of corruption involved during procurement. Some individuals in the organization may want to give the contract to the their favorite contractor thereby receiving higher kickbacks which eventually leads to low quality products being purchased or purchased at very higher costs resulting into financial loss to the organization. Due to these factors, the traditional mode of operation and methods of procurement cannot meet the needs of modern procurement. In order to achieve the pursuit of efficiency and effectiveness, the establishment of procurement management information system is very necessary.

Project Introduction
In this project, we want to develop an online web based procurement management system to overcome the many drawbacks of procurement and purchasing management of the organizations. The proposed project will not only facilitate the organizations in managing the procurement but also ensure that the all steps involved in the procurements should be free from any corrupt elements.

There will be following users of the system:
Organization Departments
Procurement Manager

There are different departments in any organization which may need some items/resources to be purchased at different times. Each department submits its request for the required products (stationary, furniture, computer accessories etc) to the procurement manager through online procurement management system. The procurement manager can view those items’ requests and may approve or reject those requests. Once, the request is approved by the manager then it then publically visible to the sellers/bidders as tender. The sellers/bidders can bid on any which they can submit their quotations.

Following will be the functional requirements of the system.

User Registration and Login:
The system will allow the users to register into the system.
The procurement manager will act as an administrator and will be primary user of the system.
The departments and bidders can registers themselves to access the system.
The departments can register themselves by entering the basic registration details like department name, location, contact info etc.
The bidders can register by entering their information such as contractor name, address, contact number, NTN number and other relevant details.
The registered users can log into the system by using the username and password.

Products/Items Requisition:
The representative of any department can log into the system and submit the requisition for the items required by the organization by filling a form.
The item requisition form will include the item type, item name, manufacturer, quantity required etc.
The department can view the status of their previous requisitions.

Tender Issuance:
Once the requisition is submitted, the procurement manager can view this requisition and then it may accept or reject the item request.
Once, the request is accepted by the procurement manager, it is publically available to all the registered bidders to be seen.
The registered bidders can then bid of the requested products and submit their quotations such as the items’ manufacturer, offered price and any relevant details of the items.
The bidders can also search the tenders using the item name etc.

Bids Management:
Once all the bids are submitted by the bidders for any specific tender, these bids are available to the bidder which can then accept a bid with the best price offered.
The procurement management also has the rights to blacklist any bidder so that he is not eligible for bidding for any future tenders.
Once, the bid is accepted, the tender is finalized and the items/products requested by the department are ready to be purchased.
All the previously submitted bids can be viewed by the procurement management.

Tools and Languages:
Visual Studio (C# with ASP.NET), SQL Server Management Studio


ASP.Net, C++


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