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Photo Gallery

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Photo Gallery (PG) is basically the idea behind the Open market project name. As a
photographer, event organizer or party host, you’re expected to provide a positive and
memorable experience to all of the guests. There are many photo gallery benefits that would
make them perfect for weddings, birthday parties and other celebrations, if only they weren’t
so heavy and slow to set up. Fortunately, PG allows you to take instant pictures, share them with
intended users Photo gallery you don’t have to wait for your pictures anymore. The social media
integration allows guests to show off their best photos and save them to their mobile devices

Functional Requirements:

1. The admin page will allow the admin (Event organizer) to set the different fields according
to the requirements of users. Admin will set the setting for camera, frames, social media
links, emails, reports and for printers. Admin can create new events and name it according
to relevance of the event name and location or organizers can name the event according
to them. Admin can add, modify, delete, update image. Admin also give rights to
registered users for modification of images or deletion of image from personal images
from gallery. 2. Users select between taking picture, making gif and record videos. Users are provided the
option for select between different frames and can retake shots in selected option. 3. User can select the desire frame for his/her photos. 4. After photos are taken, gif is made and videos are recorded users can upload them on social media 5. Retrieve/view photos according to event 6. Search photo according to different parameters like date, time, event, place etc. 7. Photo can be Zoom in, rotate etc.

Tools: ➢ Microsoft® Visual Studio 2013 Professional – for Development of Application ➢ Microsoft® SQL Server– for Databases ➢ Microsoft .NET framework




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