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Project Domain / Category

Project Domain / Category
Web Application


Quiz is a very important part of education and content revising. With the help of “Online Quiz Management System”, users would be able to create and conduct quizzes for students. Online quiz management system can be implemented in colleges, universities or at home to check the preparation of students and revise contents of different courses. Manual systems are very time consuming and difficult to grade. Online quiz management system would be able to develop, conduct and check the quizzes thus reducing the burden of academics staff and will provide efficient evaluation of students.

Functional Requirements:
A set of functional requirements of the proposed system may include the following.

The administrator will be able to add new questions in the quiz.
The application will maintain a question bank from where questions will be selected for quiz simultaneously.
The system will maintain different subjects for quizzes
The administrator will be able to select the start and end date for quiz.
While entering the question the administrator will be able to select the right answer for the question entered.
The application will be able to evaluate each question by comparing its correct answer.
The administrator will be able to select maximum number of questions to be included in the quiz.
The administrator will be able to edit or delete a question.
The application will enable the quiz for users once the start date is active.
Administrator will be able to declare the result of quiz which will be made available to the users after the declaration of result.
Administrator will be able to set the attempt time for each question. If the question is not attempted in the time provided then the next question will automatically be uploaded.
User will be able to login/logout.
User will be able to start the quiz
User will be able to end the quiz

User will be able to select a single option from the list and save the status of quiz.
User will be able to skip a question for later attempt.
User will be able to see the attempted and non-attempted questions.

Students are supposed to visit the problem domain to get more functional requirements and understand the problem.

MySQL, PHP,, Notepad++ (Students can also choose tools of their choice).


ASP.Net, Codeigniter, Laravel, Php


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