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Online Complaint Registration Portal

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Project Domain / Category • Web Application

Abstract/Introduction The objective of this project is to develop an online system for complaint (FIR) registration and management to facilitate the citizens as well as police department. This portal will not only save the time of citizens as well but will also help in eradicating the corrupt practices which citizens often experience in the manual FIR registration. This will be a web based application through which the police department can register the complaints of the citizens. The application will provide a user-friendly interface to the representatives to register the complaints. There will be a centralized database server where the records of all the complained registers in all the police stations will be saved. It will provide the higher authority to check the status of all complains registered in any police station along-with the other related data and to check the performance of police stations.

Main Users: Administrator, Registered User, Guest (citizens)

Functional Requirements: 1. The key user of this portal will be the police station representative (PSR) who will login to the system before registration any complaint. The account for the representative will be created by the administrator. 2. Each registered PSR will be representing the police station and will be allowed to registered complains on behalf of that police station. A police station may have one or more representatives. 3. The administrator will be responsible for the overall operations of the system such as users account creation/updating/deletions. 4. The administrator which also act the database administrator to add information in to the database. This information will be required before registration of any complaint. 5. A PSR can log in to the portal by using his login details which will be shared with him by the administrator after the account is created. 6. The portal will provide the PSR a complaint registration interface where he/she can enter information such as the Complainant Name, Photo, CNIC, Address, Contact Number, Type of complaint and other additional details about complaint being registered. The registration interface will also have the fields to enter any available information about the accused against which the complaint is being registered such as Name of the Accused, Appearance, and Address etc. 7. The portal will automatically generate the FIR number and add it in the registrations form include other details such as the name of the police station representative, police station name, address of the police station, the time at which the complain was registered and
finally the status of the complaint (Pending, Closed). Once the complaint is registered, it will be considered as an online FIR. 8. The portal will provide the citizens an interface where they can enter the FIR number of their CNIC to track the status of their complaint submitted. 9. The higher ranked police officials will be able to log into the online portal to check the status of registered complaints, any actions taken on them by the respective police stations and can even issue further actions on the registered complaint. 10. The portal will allow the officials to search the complaints by using search parameters such as Police Station, Complainant Name/CNIC, Name of the Accused Person etc. It will also help them to generate reports on the basis of searched records which will help the officials to assess the performance of any police station. 11. The portal will also enable the citizens to lodge a complaint against the misbehavior of any specific police station. These complaints will only be viewed by the higher ranked police officials and government officials. For that purpose, the complainant will not be required to give his personal information. 12. The details of the accused mentioned in the registered complaint will be made part of details of the offenders after the complaint is found to be true after the investigation and the action is taken place. 13. This record will help the police department to keep the criminal history of the citizens.

Note: These are just some of well known features of the complaint registration portal. As a part of project related activities, students are required to elicit further requirements from other sources as well. Requirement elicitation will be an important part of project evaluation.


Codeigniter, Laravel, Php


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