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Web Programming / Web Application Development
Grooming Lounge is a user-friendly website with the main aim to facilitate users to online book their saloon appointments with their favorite workers in available slots. It not only helps users to buy offers or dresses or other accessories online but also help them to get registered in some short courses also. Customer can also give feedback after availing services and can also rate the worker. From the admin’s perspective, it keeps all the records of sales and purchases which can be viewed graphically. Workers performance is also evaluated based on the booked slots and customers’ feedback. All the records are kept that which worker has performed which service to which customer for future assistance.
Functional Requirements:

1. The website will show the details along with the charges of all saloon services. Services will include skin treatments, hair treatments, make-over, cutting and waxing, bridal packages, day-to-day packages, online boutiques and accessories, home services provided, photo-sessions likewise (You may include as many services as possible). News and events should be included. 2. There will be two types of registered users which are valued and non-valued. Valued customers are those who are the members of the system and get a fixed discount on all payments. Valued customers are those who availed cumulative services of certain fixed amount like Rs. 20,000 or they want to pay that fixed amount directly prior of availing any services. Non-valued are initial level customers. 3. Profile of the working staff can be viewed with their expertise and experience. New workers can be added to the system. System should keep the record at back end for the workers who left and their profile should not be active (cannot be viewed to users) accordingly. 4. System should calculate the salary of each worker with per hour rate. For this purpose, the GUI should be friendly enough for the admin that he can record a particular service(s) offered by the worker. If the worker remains idle for more than 15 days only basic salary will be given. 5. Registered users can see the profile of working staff along with their availability on particular day and time. The system should update the schedule of each worker that is booked appointments on coming slots or free slots from time to time. Registered user can make online appointments by viewing the monthly schedule of their favorite worker on the free slots available. Registered user only book the initial time of appointment. System should calculate the estimated time for the service and make the slot busy accordingly.
6. Only registered user can avail home services. 7. Any user can avail discount offers/ promotions. The vouchers for promotions can be bought online or through cash payments prior to home delivery. Time left for the offer to avail should be displayed in terms of days, months and hours and minutes. 8. Only the valued customers have options to make their payments in installments for the bridal packages. System should notify if any previous payment is pending before offering any service. 9. Registered users can avail short courses offered. Short courses can be of self-grooming or fashion designing or likewise. Valued customers only can make their payments in installments. 10. System should be able to calculate the sales (generated from saloon services or classes or through online sales) and purchases (like products or other accessories bought) at any given time. Proper records should be maintained for this. Sales graph should be seen for any day, week or month. Consider electricity bill payments, workers’ salaries and other expenses also in calculations. 11. Workers performance evaluation should be done from the client’s feedback and the work done in slots hence their bonuses in salaries are calculated. 12. System should calculate overall rating of each worker.
Note: New features are subject to be added from time to time in this domain.
Visual Studio (latest version) with .net Framework + SQL Server (latest version)




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