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Web Based System

Abstract / Introduction

The E-Crime Reporting (ECR) System is a web based system to register online Complaint/FIR. The objective of this project is to develop a web-site in which any citizen of Pakistan can easily report their complaint/FIR in police station. The E-Crime Reporting (ECR) System makes the reporting of crime easier. This project will also be useful for the Police Department for further process. The aim of this project is to develop an E-Crime Reporting (ECR) System which is easily accessible to the public, police department and the Police administrative department. This helps to higher authorities of police to have an overview about the progress of the investigation. People can also see the criminal records and by using Google map which is provided in this system people can also locate the nearest police station. This system provides proper security, reduces the manual work and tries to eliminate or reduce difficulties up to some extent.

NUMBER OF MODULES In E- Crime Reporting (ECR), there are mainly three modules: 1) User Module 2) Higher Authority Module 3) Department Admin Module

1. User Module 1. In this module, first of all User will register by department admin with proper data (where username, E-mail id and NIC # must be unique for everyone). 2. Once the user is registered than he/she can login in this system and register their complaint/FIR according to their complaint type. 3. If user wants to check the status based on the complaint registered, he/she can view the status. 4. User can view the details regarding the: a) Different type of crimes b) Judicial laws for the crimes c) Criminal records d) News Feed/Press Release e) General tips for not becoming the victim of the cyber-crimes. 5. If user wants to see the nearest police-station than user can see that using the maplocator which is provide in this system.

2. HIGHER AUTHORITY MODULE: This Module is accessible only to VIPS in the Department like SP, DCP, etc. By using this module they can give any caution to police department. In this module: 1. Main admin will assign police-officer to their respective police-station with proper data. 2. Main-admin will assign police-officer or give them to email-id and password and also edit/update their database like if one police-officer will get promotion or transferred than his/her post will be updated. So main-admin will update that police officer’s post. 3. Main-admin can register different police-station and also if police-station shifted from one place to another than main admin will update the database. 4. Main-Admin can see the feedback/Complaints from user and also check the investigation status of Complaint/FIR. 3. DEPARTMENT ADMIN MODULE In this module, admin will login with proper email-id and password which is already registered by Main-Admin. 1. Admin will assign users or give them to email-id and password of their registered accounts. 2. Once admin will login, he/she can see all the Complaints/FIR which is registered by users and they have to take the particular action depending on the crime. Also admin can search particular FIR records using different parameters. 3. Admin can add Different type of Crimes, Judicial laws for the crimes, criminal information. Here admin cannot update his/her personal information. 4. Admin can also see the feedback/complaint which is given by users. Functional Requirements: 1. Login for User, Main-Admin and Department Admin. 2. Complaint / FIR Registration and Management. 3. Criminal Registration and Management. 4. Crime and Judicial record Management 5. Feedback Registration 6. Map-locator to find the nearest police-station 7. News feed for crime video/News management. 8. Police-station registration and management 9. Police-officer registration and management

Tools: SOFTWARE REQUIREMENTS: 1. WINDOWS OS (XP / 2000 / 200 Server / 2003 Server) 2. Front End: ASP.NET ,Visual Studio.Net, C# language 3. Back End: SQL Server 4. Browser : Any


ASP.Net, C++


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