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Contacts Management System

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Project Domain / Category:
Web Programming
Contacts Management System (CMS) is a web application that will allow its users to view,
Search, and download contacts information in .CSV or .XLS or any similar file forma
On this web application, users will be able to search for the contacts by various search queries
such as search by contact’s name, email, phone#, location, address or category. Users should also
be able view the search results in the tabular form on th
e web page or download the contacts
information in the form of a file as mentioned above (.CSV, .XLS, .txt etc).
This web application should also provide the admin with support to import/store the contacts
information into the database from an external
file such as .CSV, XLS or any other format.
The search result on the web page should only show maximum of 20 records/page by default.
For more than 20 records in the search result, it should show the pagination numbers at the
bottom of the search results
such as
<< 1 2 3 >>
It should also provide the option of increasing the number of search results per page. It means
that the user should be able to change the number of records per page in the search result.
This web application will have three d
ifferent types of users.
User (


A non

registered user should be able to search for the contacts with different search queries
such as name, location, occupation, category, gender etc.

A non

registered user should only have access to the basic columns of the contact’s table
such as First Name, Last Name, Gender, Location, Occupation etc.

He should neither be able to the view nor download the secret/sensitive information of a
contact suc
h as Email, Phone#, Address etc.

A non

registered user should also not be able to add any contact into the system

registered member
should also have privilege to add the contact from a web form
(Subjected to be approved by the admin)

Admin should have privilege to add a contact manually through a web form or through an
rnal file.

Admin should be able to directly delete the selected contact(s).

Admin should be able to create/delete contact’s categories. (Categories may be something
like “Adult”, “Scholar”, “Sportsperson”, “Doctor” or any categories of your choice)

should be able to create/delete contact’s database table columns

Admin should be able to create/delete site members
Tools and Languages:
You can use any combination of the tools and languages from the following:
HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, WAMP server
, SQL, Dreamviewer, Notepad++


Codeigniter, Laravel, Php


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