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Supervised Learning Based Recommender System for Online Clothes Shopping

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Project Domain / Category
Web Application/Artificial intelligence
Abstract / Introduction
A substantial increase in the web services like eBay, Facebook marketplace, YouTube Amazon etc.
made the recommender systems more important in our lives. From e-commerce to online
advertisement (suggest users the relevant contents, matching their preferences) recommender
systems have become inevitable in online journey. A recommender system helps users, discovering
new and relevant items. In general, recommender systems are a class of algorithm aims at suggesting
relevant items to the user (items include products to buy, movies to watch, text to read, and many
other tangible entities).
Clothes shopping store is a store that primarily sells fabric products. The Online clothes shopping
system is the practical implementation of E-commerce system. E-commerce (Electronic Commerce)
is nothing but the selling or buying of goods and services online. As this saves their time and energy
of visiting markets and clothes shopping vendors. Thus, these online clothes shopping system has
relieved people by providing access to all fabrics categories and purchasing them by just sitting at
home. The main objective of this e-commerce websites is to find out which products the customers
might like to purchase based on his/her previous purchase history. This system is an online clothes
shopping recommender system based on supervised artificial learning technique, consisting of two
modules namely, Admin and User. Admin will add clothes type and can view the users. Users can
register for obtaining credentials and then can login by using credentials. They can view the product
and can get suggestion of the previously brought or visited sites of related product.

Functional Requirements:
The system comprises of 2 major modules with their sub-modules as follows:
1. Admin:
▪ Login: Admin can login in his personal account using id and password.
▪ Add Clothes products : Admin can add clothes item
▪ View/Manage User: Admin can view and manage all information about the user.
▪ Admin can check feedback of the intended visitors by notification online
▪ Admin can view/ update the visitors profile and can update password
▪ Visitors can get their feedback response notification online.
▪ Admin can get the user purchasing/buying history
2. User:
▪ Login: User can login his account using id and password.
▪ View Products: User can view the products.
▪ View Product on search: User can view the product on basis of the searches.
▪ Buy Products: User can buy the Clothes by providing his/her card details.
▪ View Recommends: User will get the recommendation of the Clothes Shopping items.
▪ Visitors make their profile including their Name, Age, contact # and Address
Note: You can customize or add more features into this system to make it more refined.
To get understanding/knowledge about recommendation/recommender systems Visit the following




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