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Project Domain / Category
Web based Application
Abstract / Introduction
Now a days, people don’t have a lot of time to waste in the canteen waiting for the waiter to take the
order. Many customer visits the canteen in their lunch break and recess so they have limited time to
eat and return to their respective offices and colleges etc. So, this Web based Application will help us
to save time and order food whenever they want without calling the staff again and again.
Functional Requirements:
The system comprises of four major modules and their sub modules as follows:
1. Admin Module:
2. Manager Interface:
3. Customer Interface:
4. Head Chef Interface:
Admin Module:
As Admin is authorized to perform CRUD operations on Staff Members, Menu Items and Inventory
Items. So, the admin module will have following:
▪ Admin Login
• First you’ll need to create a user who can login to the admin site.
• Enter your desired username and press enter.
• You will then be prompted for your desired email address:
• The final step is to enter your password. You will be asked to enter your password
twice, the second time as a confirmation of the first.
• The system gives ability to the admin to add, edit and delete staff members. Using this
feature an admin can add chefs, waiters, and managers.
• Admin will assign each role for other staff, with the list of permissions needed. If they
need extra permissions grant them.
▪ View Order/details
▪ Bill Print
▪ Add/ Remove Food Items
▪ Add Offers
▪ Update Inventory
▪ View Sales for each day and month
▪ Sales of individual item for the day
▪ Total Earnings
• Order placed by Customer:
o The system will give customers the ability to place their orders using our product.
o It will display a list of available and unavailable dishes in the menu where unavailable
dishes will be grayed out.
o Customer will be able to select multiple dishes and their quantity for a particular

Manager Interface
• Manager will have a screen where he will get notification whenever an order is completed.
System will notify the manager about the order number and table number.
• Manager also has a screen where all orders are listed, and status button to mark the order as
• Moreover, he also has an interface screen to see and the status of tables in the restaurant as
Head Chef Interface
• In head chef interface, system will show all the current orders in detail i.e. all the dishes of a
particular order.
• In each order, there is a button which will be used to mark that dish cooked. Moreover, when
customer wants to remove a dish from his order, system will show head chef a notification to
approve the removal of the dish.
Customer Interface
• The customer interface will contain three interfaces /sections. All three interfaces/sections will
have a consistent layout.
Place Order
oIn this, system shows a list of cards (UI Elements) of dishes. Each dish will have an image, its
price per serving.
Timer and Edit/Cancel Order
oAfter confirming the order, the user will be shown a timer screen. In this screen customer will
be shown “Edit Order” and “Cancel Order” buttons and a timer which shows the completion
time of the order. There will also be a button to request for bill.
Bill Payment & Feedback
In feedback interface, at the top right corner, a button for “Request Bill” will be shown.
Customer can pay bill through any method such as Cash on delivery, Debit Card or Credit Card.
Beneath this, button we will display a form which will have different multiple-choice questions
to take feedback and a submit feedback button.




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