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Performance Analysis with OAI and NS3

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Project Domain / Category

Networks / Network Simulation

Abstract / Introduction

OpenAirInterface(OAI) is an open source software implementation for 5th generation cellular/mobile
network. The Project can be run over commodity hardware and supports wide range of Linux distributions
such as ubuntu, centos etc. For 5G the OpenAirInterface(OAI) can be used to setup enhanced Node Bs and Evolved
Packet Core.

This project aims students to get familiarized with the 5G and basic principles to create
test environment to measure general performance parameters such as maximum achievable
throughput, latency, packet loss with different mobility patterns and speeds.

Functional Requirements:

1. A Presentation on 5G and OAI
2. Setup suitable Linux environment with containers support
3. Install OAI stack and create 4 eNodeBs and one EPC
4. Create a set of mobile users (at least 8) and a webserver
a. Connect Webserver with EPC
b. Mobile users should associate with B

5. Setup Mobility Patterns using NS3
6. Create a simple connectivity scenario as shown in the figure 1.
7. Measure Performance parameters (throughput, Latency, Jitter, Mobility)




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