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Location and State Sharing

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Project Domain / Category Mobile Apps

Abstract / Introduction

The objective of the project is to allow users to stay informed either about the location of his/her friend and family or whether or not the friend/family is moving. A user may have two types of friends: 1. One with whom user wants to share its exact location and he/she in turn will share his/her location with the user. When the user selects one of his/her friend/family then its location will be shown to the user on the map. 2. Second type of friend is the one who will share the information whether or not he/she is moving at a particular moment with the user and in turn user will share the same information with him/her. When a user selects such a friend/family, it will receive information whether or not that person is moving.
Functional Requirements:

1. A user must be able to get registered in the application. 2. The application must allow searching for friends and family from the list of registered users. Users must be able to search their friends and family (who are also registered users) through names, location, age etc. 3. A registered user must be able to send friend request to some other registered user. A user may send two types of requests: a. location sharing request (sharing the exact location on map with each other) b. movement status sharing request (sharing with each other whether or not one is in motion) 4. Upon receiving a friend request (from some other registered user), a user must be able to accept/reject the request. If a user accepts the location sharing friend request of another user, he/she will be able to view the exact location on map of his/her friend. On the other hand if a user accepts the movement status sharing friend request of another user, he/she will be able to view at any time whether or not his/her friend is in motion. The friend of the user will also be able to view the same information about the user at any time. Note: A user must be considered in motion if its location is changing by 5m/sec (or 50 m/10 sec). otherwise the user will be considered not moving. Tools: Android




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