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Intelligent Personal Assistant

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Project Domain / Category

Project Domain/Category
Android Mobile Application

Basic Functionality:
Android Based Personal Assistant which performs Different Tasks based on the user input. User input type can be be text or Speech.
For this project only 3 basic tasks are required:
Call someone
Text Someone
Calculate something and show result 4.
Although you can use google’s api which will do speech recogniation which works in offline mode as well.Otherwise if speech Recognition requires internet then in offline mode app should be able to recognize text successfully and perform basic tasks which does not require any internet connection.

The system should be able to process the senetense and understand the task from the senetense provided.

*At intial stage add atleast 50 common senetenses to perform the basic tasks.

User can also train the system with new sentenses.All the data will be stored in centrilized database (Firebase Recommended).
If a sentense does not exists in the local database of application user can add it to local db and later click sync button to sync with the server.
Clicking sync button will not only push new senetenses of application but also fetch other newly added senetenses of other users.
For example the systyem can understand the following senntence:
“Call brother” this sentence is stored in local database of the app, now user want the sytem to understand “call bro” which eventually means “call brother” now the user can put the sentense in the local db and sysnc with server to add the sentense in the server (Firebase Database).

Requirements Not Necessary But Appreciated:
Add Web search capibilities inside app (use webview inside app).
Use Firebase database rather than other Technologies.
Use libriries from Github or AndroidArsenal
Use Git as version control for project.
Java/Kotlin, Xml, FireBase database, Android Studio/Eclipse


Android, Java


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