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Down the Memory Lane

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The aim of the project is to connect elderly people with their adult children who are not living with them. The parents (or even children) may tag a location on map and record a video about that location. This video will be associated with that location. Whenever a family member comes to that location, he/she will receive a pop up message (from the application) that there is a video associated with the location where he/she is present at the moment. Now the family member will be able to see the video if he agrees to. For example, you live in Islamabad for your job. Your father lives in Lahore. Your father once had spent some time at a place in Islamabad for some training during his job. He decides to record a video about his past (training at that location) and associates this video with that location. Now one day you happen to go to that place by chance, suddenly a pop up will appear on your smart phone indicating that your father has recorded a video about that place. You can see this video. This is a very novel way of sharing your memories with your loved ones.

Functional Requirements:

1. A user must be able to get registered in the application. 2. The application must allow searching for friends and family from the list of registered users. Users must be able to search their friends and family (who are also registered users) through names, location, age etc. 3. A registered user must be able to send friend request to some other registered user. 4. Upon receiving a friend request (from some other registered user), a user must be able to accept/reject the request. If a user accepts the friend request of another user, he/she will receive prompts regarding the recorded videos of his/her friend (whenever he/she come to a location to which his/her friend has associated a video with). 5. A registered user must be able to associate a pre-recorded video with any location on the map (which can be viewed by his/her friends whenever they will come to that location).

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