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On Demand Remote Surveillance and Controlling of Work Stations

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Project Domain / Category Mobile Apps

Abstract / Introduction It is an observation that misuse of official work stations is a common practice among the users of many work environments where proper monitoring mechanism does not exist. It results in wastage of resources and in not meeting the overall objectives of an organization. So, to achieve the maximum and desired results in a work environment, it is much needed to have an effective mechanism through which the Administrator can monitor and control the work stations under the use of employees. The purpose of this project is to develop Android based application which will serve the Administrator with on demand remote surveillance and controlling of work stations of work place. The project will involve the development of two applications, one will run on work stations and the other one will run on the mobile phone of the Administrator. Both these applications will be connected through Wi-Fi. The implementation of such mechanism will make the Administrator not only to have an eye on the activities of users but also will make him/her able to remotely control the specific work station(s).

Functional Requirements: • Applications: There will be two applications in this project:

1. Client / mobile Application 2. Server Application

Server Application: You are required to develop a server application which will continuously run on each work station in work place. This application will be connected with the Client Application through Wi-Fi connection. It will take the screen shot of user activity on demand of the administrator and will transfer the same to Client/mobile application. This application will interpret and execute commands received from Client/mobile application. Client / mobile Application:

You need to develop a client / mobile application using Android. This application will run on Administrator’s smart mobile phone and will provide effective interface through which the Administrator will be able to connect it with the Server Application. Through this application, the Administrator will be able to instruct the Server Application to take the screen shot(s) and send to this application. Through this application, the Administrator will also be able to control any work station and perform the activities such as sending message, turning work station into sleep mode and shutting down any work station etc.

• Sign In and User Registration:

Client / mobile Application will provide User Registration interface through which user will be registered as Admin. The application will provide proper interface for Sign In through which Admin will login to the application by entering user name and password.

• Screen Shot taking and sending to Client / mobile Application:

Server Application will take screen shot(s) of user activity on any work station on demand of Administrator through Client/mobile Application. Screen shot(s) will be transferred to Client /mobile application.

• Controlling Work Stations:

Administrator will be able to control any work station through sending commands. Administrator will be able to perform: Sending message to work station Turning the work station into sleep mode Locking the work station Shutting down the work station

• Logout Administrator will be able to terminate the connection between Client / mobile application and Server application through logging out from the application.

Tools: Microsoft.Net, Visual Studio, Android Studio, Eclipse, SQL Lite, SQL Server 2008


Android, ASP.Net


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