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IOT based Smart Garden with Weather Station System

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Project Domain / Category
Digital Logic Designing (Hardware/Android Based Project)
Abstract / Introduction
Internet of Things (IoT) consists of devices that connect to the internet and communicate with each
other. It enables these devices to collect and exchange data with a consumer. Through this project,
we will develop an IoT-based Smart Garden with Weather Station system, which can be used to
monitor the growth of plant every day and predict the probability for raining.
Why this IoT-based device is been created? Many people are interested in growing the plants are
always forget on watering the plants. Hence, in this study, the device is equipped with a water pump,
where it can be monitored and controlled by using a smartphone. In addition, the devices also consist
of four main sensors, which are Barometric Pressure, DHT11 Temperature, and Humidity Sensor, Soil
Moisture Sensor and Light intensity module sensor.
The Soil and Light Intensity sensor used to measure the value by percentages. Besides, two actuators,
which are the water pump and LED light can be used remotely or by using a button on the devices.
The LED is purposely to replicate the sunlight and make the plant grow faster. System will have the
capability to get the rain prediction and control the water supply through a remote android
This IoT-based Smart Garden with Weather Station System can record the data and send the result to
user through the smartphone application. This project is beneficial, and the system can be easily
managed by all users such as gardener or farmer, and any other common human being.
The proposed IoT device also will be implemented with a weather station sensor, where it can monitor
and predict the pouring rain every day.

Hence, the user can switch off the automatic watering for
reducing the water usage. The weather station sensor can determine the dew point, humidity of the
air, air pressure and light index. It will beneficial the user, who are interested in researching about
their plant growth. The collected data can also be shared through online mobile applications.

Functional Requirements:
Provide a bulleted list of functional requirements
• Hardware Module:
o Barometric Pressure Sensing Module
o Temperature Sensing Module
o Humidity Sensing Module
o Soil Moisture Sensing Module
o Light Intensity Sensing Module
o Electromechanical Water Pumping Module
• Mobile Application:
o Will receive and display all sensed details from the hardware module
o Can control the water pumping mechanism
o Can control the light intensity
• Raspberry Pi or Atomic Pi (single board computer).
• Sensing Modules / Sensors:
o Temperature.
o Barometric Pressure.
o Humidity.
o Soil Moisture
o Light Intensity
o Electromechanical Water Pump
• Analog to Digital Conversion modules.
• Android Application Development.
• Database development / management.
• Python Programming.
• Controller Based Programming (if needed) generally in C/C++ or Assembly.


Android, Assembly Language, C++, Python


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