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Hospital Management System

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Abstract / Introduction
Hospitals deal with the life and health of patients. Medical care relies on well-trained doctors,
nurses, high quality facilities, and equipment. Medical care also relies on good record keeping.
Without accurate, comprehensive, up to date and accessible patient notes, medical personnel may
not be able to offer the best treatment. He may in fact misdiagnose the condition which can have
serious consequences. Associated records such as x-rays, specimens, drug records and patient
registers must also be well cared for if the patient is to be protected. Record Management is a
Systematic and on-going procedure by which the records of an organization are created, maintained,
and disposed of. This system also ensures record preservation for evidential purposes, accurate and
efficient updating, timely availability, and control of access only by authorized personnel.
Hospital Management System (HMS) is a software which is used for the automation of Hospital
Management. In the context of Pakistan, where most of the hospitals are not using computerized
technology to manage hospital records, Hospital Management System (HMS) will be a perfect way to
manage these records. HMS should contain login form, patient and doctor registration, should allow
patients to edit their information like patient name, contact number, and address etc.

Hospital Management System (HMS) will contain four types of users:-
1. Administrator
2. Doctor
3. Data Entry Operators
4. Patient
Functional Requirements:
Hospital Management System (HMS) will includes
• Maintaining Patient details.
• Providing Prescription, Precautions and Diet advice.
• Providing and maintaining all kinds of tests for a patient.
• Billing and Report generation.
• Following functionalities should be present in HMS.

1. Maintain records of indoor/outdoor patients.
2. Maintain patients diagnosis details, advised tests to be done.
3. Database of blood donors/blood group
4. Staff record maintenance
5. Providing different test facilities to a doctor for diagnosis of patients such as X-Ray, Urine
Test, Stool Test, Blood Test, Biochemistry Test, etc.
6. Maintain patient’s prescription, medicine and diet advice details.
7. Provide billing details for indoor/outdoor patients.
8. Maintain backup of data as per user requirements (between mentioned dates).
9. Results of tests, prescription, precautions and diet advice will be automatically updated in
the database.
10.Related test reports, patient details report, prescription and billing reports can be
generated as per user requirements.
11.User or Administrator can search a patient’s record by his/her name or their registration
12.If user forgets his/her password then it can be retrieved by hint question


Html/Css, javascript, Php


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