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Flip eBook Creator (FeBC)

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Project Domain / Category

Desktop Application

Abstract / Introduction

Flip eBook Creator  is a desktop application that lets you create digital interactive books, i.e.
reader can read the contents, watch the relevant videos and play an animation/simulation.

Flip eBook Creator lets us enhance the understandability of the reader with the helping of supporting
material at same place. Furthermore, related material can also be referenced through provided links
where user can find more relevant stuff about the current topic.

Functional Requirements:

The required application should fulfill the following requirements.

• Using exiting file: Our application can use an existing PDF file as source to initiate interactive
eBook creation process.

• Standalone Project: The application should also allow to create an interactive eBook from

• Content of interactive eBook:
Following are contents which can be placed inside the interactive eBook.

o Textual contents: Textual contents include written text about the topics e.g. topic
name, definitions, details, examples, tables, pictures etc.

o Animations: For the sake of this applications, the animations can be provided in the
form of GIF images, flash or simulation.

o Videos: Any uploaded or YouTube video can be placed anywhere in interactive eBook.

o Further readings: Links for further readings will be provided in the forms of hyperlinks.

• Publication of the contents: The user of application will be able to publish the completed
eBook in any of the following formats:

o PDF format: In PDF format all the textual contents and images will be exported and will
be available for students. Note that animations and videos may not be present in PDF

o EXE Format: In “EXE” format a single “EXE” file will be produced that can be distributed
to the students. Executing the “EXE” file will open the book along with all the

o HTML Format: in HTML format, the books will be provided in the form of web pages
which can be opened in any web browser. Book will contain all the contents in HTML format.

Note: User of created eBook will be able to read book in any of the above-mentioned formats. Similar
application is available at the following link:


ASP.Net, C#, Java


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