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Carrier Selection & Band Locking for LTE Network (CS

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Project Domain / Category

Project Domain / Category
Network & Systems Programming/Linux Desktop


Long-Term Evolution (LTE) is a standard for high-speed broadband data services for wireless devices and data terminals. Originally it was focused to cellular devices and later on it was also used for the fixed data terminals or systems. It enables the increased capacity and speed with different radio interface together with other network improvements. It is standardized by 3GPP. In fact LTE was an upgrade for carriers with both GSM/UMTS networks and CDMA2000 networks. There are different LTE frequencies and bands used in different countries. Also different service providers use different frequency and bands. Due to this reason the LTE enabled systems that need to be used globally should have the support for the multiple bands and frequencies.

This project is based on knowledge of LTE network, spectrum, frequency bands and understanding of establishing broadband connections to wireless networks. The project will use any Linux based system with LTE modem or Raspberry Pie with LTE modem.
In this project device/system/Desktop are interchangeably used to refer to Linux based system. The term package and application is interchangeably used to refer to the software that shall provide the required functionalities.


Users often face issues on their 4G enabled multiband devices when connecting to their service provider network. Sometimes device don’t support the specifications of the provider‘s network and sometimes it has different default factory settings. It causes frustration in users while accessing the internet services on their mobile

This project requires building a software application for Linux based systems that shall provide the auto-configuration of GSM/EDGE/UMTS/LTE broadband connections. If the current hardware don’t support the local network specifications, it should report that the system don’t support any of the local network or present the recommended settings in other cases. The ultimate goal is, whether the subject device can be connected or not.

Functional Requirements:
This project requires students to study the fundamental principles of the UMTS/LTE networks and their device configuration as well as requires programming skills in the C/C++ in Linux environment. For this purpose students shall be required to prepare a presentation on the LTE networks and Linux system programming as part of the SRS document.

The core functional requirements of the package to be developed are to:

Identify the system support capabilities for EDGE/GPRS/UMTS/LTE carriers
Identify the available networks and their specifications like frequency, band etc. 3- Report the Connection Errors
Provide recommended steps
Get device configurations from ISP if available 6- Recommend other ways of connection
Connect to highest speed networks available
Report the Connection Usage ( Bytes Sent, Received, Average Rate) 9- Application should support GUI, preferably web based
10-Users should be able to debug the connection 11-Users should be able to save restore settings
It should be possible to switch networks with minimal disruption

Linux Environment
LTE Supported Device
Student can also complete this project using raspberry pi.


ASP.Net, C#


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