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Designing and Implementation of water supply management system

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Project Domain / Category
Web Application
Abstract / Introduction
The aim of this project is to develop a web-based system which will be used
to automate manual workflow of filtered water Supplier Company. We will build this
system so that company can manage its customers, employees, stocks and
route/area details; it will also facilitate the customers so that in their busy life, they
can easily approach their basic need of life i.e. filtered water using internet facility.
Customers and business owner can communicate and share different type of
information with each other through website. A customer can sign up for free, login
to his / her account. This website will deal many brands of filtered water i.e.
Gourmet, Doce, Nestle, Aquafina, Qarshi Springley and Axis water etc. Customers
can select their required brand among these categories. Customers can select brand,
place orders, share information about their remaining stock, complaints about
delivery and check their bill details. Company/owner can check the customer’s
requests, complaints, and remaining stock details. Company also wants to keep track
of their delivered bottles details.
Company defines different areas/routes for delivery; a specific area is normally
visited upon the request of customers. It is necessary for customer to place the
request at least one day prior. Salesman can check these requests, demands of water
bottles and remaining stock details. Company will also give special discounts and
water dispensers to their special customers, and these special facilities depending
on the usage of water bottles.
This project will be developed using ASP.NET / PHP as the front end and SQL Server
/MYSQL as a back end. The SQL database will store all information about the
customer and order posted by user. Keeping the features of an e-commerce site,
online water supply system project acts as a central database
Functional Requirements:
1. The system will provide user friendly interface for Registration.
2. Customers will get them registered in this application and then will be able to
access the website by logging into system.
3. The system will provide three types of payment options which will be cash on
delivery, Payment via Credit Card or online transfer and these payments will
be done on daily, weekly or monthly subscriptions basis.

4. There will be proper interface for placing order and complaints. The system
will allow the customers to give feedback.
5. Customers will be able to get notifications about their registration, order
placing, order confirmation and payments on his / her email id.
6. Admin will be able to add different brands.
7. Admin will be able to add/update/delete information about facilities and
8. Admin will be able to view customer’s profile, feedback and reviews.
9. Admin will be able to generate Sales and profit report on daily weekly and
monthly basis.
10.If remaining stock is zero, an alert should be shown to the salesman.
11. Salesman will get register in the application.
12. Salesman will confirm the order through SMS or email.
13. Salesman will select specific areas/route for delivery.
14.Every order will be allocated a unique identifier (ORDER_ID).
15.The system will provide Password Recovery facility through customer email id.
16.The systems will have administrator view, salesman view and user view.
17.The system will be capable to generate invoice. Payment receipt is also
generated for customer record as well as for admin.
18. “Location” tab contains the details of the areas in which delivery service is
19. System will restrict the user from entering any location which is not in your
area list.
Operating System: Window7and above


ASP.Net, C#, MySql, Php, SQL


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