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City School Network Automation

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City School Network Automation is a renowned educational project having various city schools for kids in the country. This project is controlling and monitoring schools and have many branches. kids City School Network Automation main branch is in Islamabad and sub branch is in Peshawar, LahoreQuetta. All the branches communicate with each other for information sharing like sub-branches send reports to main branch. Branches maintain site-to-site VPN for security reason.

The Main branch has Domain Controller while the sub branch Peshawar maintains Additional Domain Controller. Other sub-branches are joined to Domain Controller. User accounts login and access rights are managed by Domain Controller. Users of main branch can have the facility to login with his/ her user name and password in sub-branch and vice versa because of the login feature.

Data Communication is done via different platforms like email server and video conferencing and FTP server and web server. Employees emails are handled by organizations own email server Develop a complete functional and secure network for all the branches for the given scenario. The network environment should have a suitable level of security and access control.

Functional Requirements:

1. Installation or configuration of Network and servers
2. Installation of Domain Controller and Additional Domain Controller

3. Installation and configuration of workstations printers and other necessary equipment
4. User accounts
5. Policies Implementation

6. A suitable level of security and access control for the network.
7. Installation and configuration of VPN server
8. Email server to manage employee emails
9. Installation and configuration of the DNS Server for active directory
10.Installation and configuration of the ftp server
11.Configure a mapped network drive for each user
12.Install client operating system
13.Enabling Admin to login to the system
14.Enabling users to login to the system
15.Enabling each user to have access to their mapped network drive
16.Allowing the client workstation to administer the server
17.Enable the client workstation to access Group Policy.

Project requirements:

Windows Server 2012 R Operating System, powerful desktop machine is preferred for email
server(Exchange Server) having RAM 32 GB, Hard Drive 200 GB and processor core i7.
PCs, routers, switches, cables.




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