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Hospital Management System

In the fast-paced world of healthcare, managing multi-specialty functions can be a daunting task. However, with a robust computer or web-based hospital management system, different functions can be automated. It integrates all important processes related to patients, administrative staff and medical professionals to ensure timely patient care and quick diagnosis.


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Hospital Management System



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Key Features


Overall Access And Control


Add & Search Patient


Pending Appointment

Mobile Van Hospital

Remote Areas Checkup


Patient Referring


Symptoms & Precaution


Test Performed


Daily Cash In-Out

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- Overall Access And Control - Add Department - Symptoms & Precaution - Financial - Attendance & Pay Roll - Reports


- Add & Search Patient - Slip Generation - Discount Handing - Patient History - Reports ------------


- Vital Collating - Patient Referring - Add Pre Templates - Developing educational plans - Reports


Overall Access And Control - Add Department - Symptoms & Precaution - Financial - Attendance & Pay Roll - Reports


- Pending Appointment - Patient Previous History - Doctor To Doctors Refer - Test To Perform - Reports


- Test Templates - Test Performed - Results - Reports ---------- ---------- ---------- ------------

Mobile Van Hospital

- Reception - Nurse - Remote Areas Checkup - Platform and structure of the mobile hospital - Reports


- Daily Cash In-Out - Finance & Accounting - Expenses - Reports ------------------ ------------------ ------------------
  • Browsers – IE 9+ , Firefox 32.6+, Chrome 20.0+, Opera 30.0+, Safari 5+
  • Framework – Laravel
  • Language – PHP 5.4+, AJAX, jQuery
  • Design – HTML 5, CSS 3, JavaScript
  • Database – MySQL 5.5+
  • Server – Apache 2.4+

Ready to Go for Development: We have a team of dedicated developers who are ready to work on your requirements for app or web development. Our solution is robust & highly scalable.

Support & Maintenance: We support our customers from business analysis, designing, development, maintenance. Our team is always available to solve your query.

Cost- Efficient: Our development varies with your requirement. We assure to give cost efficient solution of development.

Future Extendibility: You can extend the features & functionality in your customised app in future if you want to explore more. This feature doesn’t come up with a ready made script.


We Have A Team Of Experienced Support Experts, Account Managers, Callers And Other Staff

Clients Satisfaction

Our Clients Are Fully Satisfied With Our Business Support Services.

We Can Resolve The Issues

Resolving The Issues In The Expedited Time Frame Is Our First Priority.

24/7 Availability

And We Are Also Very Peculiar About Our Services And Available To Our Clients 24/7.

Productivity & Quality Work

Work With Efficiency, Save Time & Cost And Deliver Quality Work.

Secured Service

Ezi HMS Services Are Fully Secured.

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  • Admin
  • Receptionist
  • Doctor
  • Nurse
  • Patient
  • Laboratorist
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  • Accountant
  • M Van Hospital
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  • Full Custom
  • Maintenance
  • Social Media Marketing
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