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Postmates Clone

Wishing to converge the multitude of attributes of the delivery silo into a singular solution? Appdupe’s Postmates clone is your go-to solution. Highly scalable. Extensively customizable.

From Food delivery, Grocery delivery, Alcohol delivery, Medical Marijuana delivery to Bottled Water delivery, plentiful delivery services can be availed at the touch of a button. Plunging into a remunerative vertical has never been easier. Hit a home run instantly!

Postmates Clone/Hungerstation Clone

Launch An On-Demand Pickup And Delivery App Like Postmates!

What happens when an online solution empowers a user to get anything and everything at their doorsteps, all within their fingertips? The 10 billion-strong customer base of Postmates with revenue expected to exceed the $16 billion mark slaps an emphatic reply that on-demand pickup and delivery apps are the future. Coupled with a ceaseless demand and universal receptivity, apps like Postmates design an extremely attractive value proposition for entrepreneurs worldwide.

At Appdupe, we proffer you with the Postmates clone- an exceptionally built on-demand pickup and delivery solution that is drenched with a stellar array of features and robust functionality. Made with path-breaking technology. Reliable, resilient and ready to launch. Now at an unbeatable price!

Our Postmates Clone Supports

A Wide Variety Of Delivery Services

A legion of delivery services. One Application.

Food Delivery

Make your customers’ taste buds dance to the tune of their favorite food by delivering it to their doorstep at a jiffy. Delivering delight!

Grocery Delivery

Accredit your customers with the ability to get the essentials of the month delivered to their home at the touch of a button. Delay in delivering groceries is never to be witnessed again!

Alcohol Delivery

Plan out a perfect celebration with the capacity to deliver alcoholic beverages at any location, any time at your convenience! Never run out of high spirits again!

Bottled Water

Be it a corporate congregation or a community event, infuse a sense of professionalism by delivering packed water bottles almost immediately. All you have to do is tap a button!

Flower Delivery

Propagate the immersive freshness of blossoming flowers with your loved ones by sending it to their homes through our Postmates clone.

Medical Marijuana

The on-demand pickup and delivery solution entitles customers to get their dosage of marijuana drop-shipped to their home without much of a hassle.

Pharmacy Delivery

Why trail through the never-ending pharmacy queues when you can get the medicines delivered directly to your home! The Postmates Alternative makes it a reality.

Document Delivery

Save the day by delivering treasured documents most securely and conveniently with our Postmates clone application. An exponentially viable utility!

Stationary Delivery

Keep the art ball rolling by delivering an entire spectrum of stationery products at a scorching pace. Pay through a multitude of available options!

Have A Delivery Idea?

We don’t necessarily restrict ourselves to the verticals mentioned above. The Postmates clone is an all-encompassing solution, meaning any of the delivery silos can be annexed seamlessly.

The Complete End-To-End Digital Solution

For Your Hungerstation Clone

Supersize your business traction with an avant-garde on-demand delivery solution drenched in stunning features, culminating in a delightful customer experience.

User-Friendly Interface

The highly intuitive user interface infuses the Postmates clone with immersive ease of usage, making the process of booking a delivery request a piece of cake. Devised for the masses!

Pronounced App Experience

Tap unexplored markets and user base with robust native iOS and Android mobile applications that power your customer to access the delivery management system at its totality at a touch.

Live Tracking

Crown your customers with the ability to receive real-time location updates about their orders besides periodical alerts about the order status through an elaborate ETA report.


Don’t let the pandemic deter you from reaching your business goals as our Hungerstation clone is bestowed with features like ‘Contactless Delivery,’ ‘Safety Badges,’ ‘Takeaway,’ and much more.

Our Hungerstation Clone Supports These Customers Silos

Single Store Owners

If you are managing a business located at a single location and looking to leverage the online frenzy, the Hungerstation clone is your tool.

Multiple Stores

Converging your chain stores’ masteries is now a child’s play, thanks to our first-rate on-demand delivery solution.


Extend your delivery services on a global scale. Experience an unwavering business growth halted by none!


Annex into the bandwagon of universal delivery empires with our white-label Postmates clone. Launch your dream startup in a matter of a few days!


Bustling enterprises with the need to handle a stack of delivery utility are supplemented with an exceptionally automated delivery system, backed by our Hungerstation clone.

Delivery and Logistics

Boost up your delivery functionality on-par with international standards. Your staple way to ascend into global logistics dominance!

Our Postmates Clone App Package

Being the result of congruence of world-class technology and operating market sensibilities, the Postmates Alternative is devised to quench the needs of a multitude of customer base with its futuristic delivery capabilities. The business-grade stature makes the handling of millions of concurrent users and tractions a walk in the park, propelling your business traction into the levels of the stratosphere.

Appdupe’s bundle of world-class technological gems is nothing short of magic. Take a back seat and experience stupendous delivery functionality through an entire web, iOS, and android application. Take a peek at the extensive Postmates clone app package!

Native Apps

For a powerful performance, undeterred by nothing

Web Panels

Ultra-responsiveness is its anchoring virtue

User Android App

User iOS App

Store Android App

Store iOS App

Delivery Executive Android App

Delivery Executive iOS App

Main Website

User Web Panel

Store Web Panel

Delivery Executive

Billing Panel

Master Admin Panel

Looking For Developing Your Own Postmates Like App? Look No Further!

Experience The Ability Of End-To-End Customization

Recreating anything in its entirety is one of our defining features. Want to launch an on-demand delivery service that’s in line with your expectations? Yay! You have landed at the right place.

Complete Customization

Enrich your world-beating application with the ingenuity of never-seen-before features tailored to your needs and requirements. Always ahead of the herd!

Highly Scalable

Sturdiness oozes out the Postmates clone, having been constructed by some of the world’s best frameworks that are unfazed by the handling of millions of users and transactions concurrently.

100% Ownership

Mobilize the fruits of the world-beating on-demand delivery solution in a limitless manner as you are crowned the sole owner of the platform and its IP with a ceaseless license.

Why A White-Label Postmates Clone The Best Bet For Entrepreneurs?

Workflow Of Our Postmates Clone


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