Network Connectivity

Distribution network usually covers over a large area and catering power to different customers at different voltage levels.

State Estimation (SE)

The state estimator is an integral part of the overall monitoring and control systems for transmission networks.

Volt/ VAR Control (VVC)

Volt/VAR Control or VVC refers to the process of managing voltage levels and reactive power (VAR) throughout the power distribution.

Load Shed Application (LSA)

All phases of your administrative works are at your control(e.g. warehouse management.


Load balancing via feeder reconfiguration is an essential application for utilities area.


Distribution Load Forecasting (DLF) provides a structured interface for creating.

Event Logs

Security is our principle. In this way, you will not be unaware of any record or operation.

Activity Log

System Administrator can see all users activity from here to prepared for every purpose.

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